LYNNTECH INC Materials Scientis in COLLEGE STATION, Texas

Lynntech develops world-class technology solutions and is actively engaged in various stages of technology development from preliminary concept generation and feasibility demonstration all the way through advanced engineering and manufacturing of products to meet different customer needs by integrating creative talent, business expertise, and purpose-build facilities. The Industrial Science Unit (IS) is comprised of a group of Scientists and Engineers that develop advanced and commercially viable systems to provide world class solutions in various defense, aerospace, energy and medical applications. Example applications of materials science that Lynntech's IS unit is currently working on include the development of semiconductor and ceramic nanomaterials for pressed optics applications, synthesis of advanced and energetic nanomaterials and coatings, advanced sorbent technologies for carbon dioxide removal for rebreathers, materials for countermeasures and obscurant applications, and catalyst development for enhanced fuel cell technologies. The IS unit is seeking an experienced and creative Materials Scientist with expertise in the development and implementation of nanomaterials and nanomaterial composites to join our close-knit collaborative group. This Scientist will have the opportunity to be involved in the following functions as part of this job: Assist in the creation and development of an agenda and strategic plan for core technology development and application in the areas of nanomaterials and nanocomposite design Identify relevant government and commercial markets that have a need for technology solutions utilizing nanomaterials and nanocomposites Generation of new ideas and concepts for the utilization of nanomaterials for solving scientific challenges in various applications Obtain buy-in from Chief Technologist and company stake-holders for the implementation of strategic plans concerning nanomaterials and nanocomposites Procure near and long term funding commitments for performing feasibility studies and for developing applied technology and product solutions for specific customers Direct research and development activities as the Principal Investigator and lead a team of research personnel to successfully accomplish technical goals and objectives of the funded projects Assist in the execution of a broad area of projects to commercialize and deliver world class products that meet customer expectations Establish and leverage contacts within the nanomaterials and nanocomposites industry to promote collaborative research efforts Represent the IS unit and Lynntech as a subject matter expert in nanomaterials and nanocomposites at various research conferences and business meetings Mentor and guide other scientists and engineers in the fundamental understanding and application of nanomaterials and nanocomposites for various platforms in order to grow core research and development capabilities within the group Why should you work at Lynntech? Your work will have an impact and make a difference in the world: Lynntech employees get to work across various disciplines, and are engaged in all aspects of technology development from idea generation to commercialization. You get the best of both worlds: We offer the infrastructure and stability of an established company as well as the challenge, benefits, and entrepreneurial spirit associated with a small business. Your work will be interesting and varied: You will have the opportunity to be creative and work on a myriad of projects across various industries (defense, energy, aerospace and medical). If you can get buy-in for your idea and procure funding to pursue research, you will get to work on it. You'll be able to contribute to the organization in a variety of ways: You will get to wear a variety of hats in this role some examples include core technology strategy development, proposal writing, research and technology development, pr