M1 Support Services LLC Aircraft Mechanic 1 Propulsion in Tucson, Arizona

This job was posted by http://www.azjobconnection.gov : For more information, please see: http://www.azjobconnection.gov/ada/r/jobs/2731621 Job Location: DM Air Force, Tucson. Base Aircraft Engine Mechanic I must have the ability to modify, repair and perform sequential disassembly and assembly of the TF34-100 engine. Perform general mechanical maintenance of scheduled and unscheduled engine inspections IAW applicable Technical Data. Perform command directed and locally established in-process inspection (IPI) of engine system components. Assists test cell with engine loading, unloading, off equipment maintenance repairs and adjustments. Performs prior to use inspections and documentation of Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) related to support aircraft engines IAW applicable Technical Data. Must have the ability to troubleshoot malfunctions in various aircraft systems and be able to perform general Organizational Level, and selected Intermediate and Depot Level maintenance and possess one or more of the following specialties of the assigned aircraft: Airframe/Structural Components, Landing, Hydraulic/Pneumatic, Flight Control, Rotor and Transmission Drive Systems Fuel/Air and Propulsion/Engine build-up Systems Egress and Environmental Control Systems Aircrew Life Support Systems Power Distribution/Electrical Power and Lighting Systems Avionics Communication/Navigation/Jamming Systems Armament Systems